Teak Wood
Teak is pre-eminently the most suitable species of wood for outdoor furniture. Jati & Kebon uses only carefully selected woods to guarantee a superior quality that lasts a lifetime.
It's Origin

Teak, or Tectona Grandis, originally grows in the mountains of what is called the golden triangle: the border area Birma-Loas-Thailand. 

Teak is no native tree in Indonesia* The Dutch stole the seeds from the British to plant the trees in Indonesia. The timber generated was very suitable for shipbuilding. It is believed that teak contributed a lot to the dominance of the Dutch as a seafaring nation in the 17th and 18th century. Teak is considered one of the most durable wood species. This durability makes teak suitable for garden furniture.    

*Teak does not grow in the tropical rain forests of Indonesia. Claims that purchasing teak wooden furniture contributes to the destruction of the tropical rain forests of Indonesia are False. Teak trees grow mainly in plantations or in peoples gardens as an additional source of income. 
Teak farm
A-Grade Quality

In order to transport water over vast lengths while fighting gravity forces, the cell structure of the wooden vessels in the trunk has to be very strong. 

This explains why the core of a tree is considered more durable than the outer part. The bark transports the sugars from the leaves back to the roots. This high sugar content can cause mould in a moist environment. This is why outer sapwood (bark) should not be used in furniture.

A-Grade Teak is the premium centre cut of the teak timber and makes up about 30-40% of the timber. It is cut from mature teak trees, and unlike lesser quality teak wood Grade A teak offers a consistent look without knots, discolourations, or other unwanted variations.
Care & Maintenance
Even the wood has been properly dried (MC below 10%), movement of the wood will still take place as teak is a living thing.

Due to the natural compounds that exist in this hardwood, teak wood offers incredible benefits over other natural materials for use in outdoor furniture.

Natural oils and rubbers help to protect this hardwood from pest damage, moisture retention, and UV damage and help it to continue to look good for many seasons.