Welcome to where the magic happens.
Jati & Kebon manufactures its Belgian-design furniture in its own sophisticated production facilities in China and Indonesia.

We stand for quality, without compromise. In our own modern production units, we can control and maintain the highest quality standards. Carpenters, painters and upholsterers, engineers and designers - thanks to our dedicated craftsmen we can deliver the quality you deserve.

All Jati & Kebon products come with a 5-year limited warranty!
State of the Art Production
We invest heavily in research & development to produce quality-crafted garden furniture in hardwearing materials. From chairs in lightweight and ultra-strong aluminium to tables in stainless steel.

With Jati & Kebon’s cutting-edge machinery, dedicated team, and great quality, we are able to manufacture best in class products for our numerous project clients, interior designers and numerous retailers around the world. Our mission is to bring premium quality at an affordable price, while effectively creating the most aesthetic garden furniture for you!
Manufacturing Facility
We believe strongly in the concept of vertical integration because the advantages of controlling every aspect of the supply chain ultimately benefits… you! This is why, in 2011, we started our very own production facility in Dongguan, China.

We are proud to say, 10 years later, that we have gained expertise in the entire manufacturing process, starting from product design and development to the actual product being shipped.  Today, this plant manufactures high-quality outdoor furniture made from various materials like aluminium and employs more than 200 workers.

We continue to invest in new technologies and equipment, always challenging the status quo. Don't take our word for it, check out the video to see for yourself!
Manufacturing Facility
In 2016, a second manufacturing facility was started up in Semarang. Semarang is located in Central-Java and the 5th largest city of Indonesia. It is an important hub for many industries thanks to the presence of the international port.

In this facility with over 170 workers, Indonesia's world-renowned weaving craftsmanship is coming to life. With a new powder-coating line, we are also able to use mix materials in the production process. This is where we make beautiful and comfortable products like the Fortuna Rope and Fortuna Socks collections.
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