Olefin yarn 100% with soft foam for a cushiony feeling
Sitting on clouds

Jati & Kebon's sock material: soft foam, wrapped in eye-catching yarn.

The fabric is woven from 100% Olefin yarn, dyed with a premium quality solution. For a cushiony feeling and extra comfort, the socks are filled with Quickdry foam. Besides its softness, it gives the furniture a beautiful dreamy and elegant look.

This duo makes the socks material perfectly suitable for worry-free lounging in the sun.
Fortuna Socks collection
Fortuna Socks daybed
Fits the weather

There's no such thing as bad weather for Jati & Kebon's outdoor sock material.

Our socks have proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, rain and humidity. It is long-lasting.

Socks are resistant to UV damage and fading up to 1.500 hours of sun. Ultraviolet blocking agents are applied during manufacturing which protects the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of UV radiation.

Did you know that our solution dyeing is environmentally friendly? We use a clean manufacturing process where the colour is added before the yarn is extruded. No dye bath processes are used and waste effluents are eliminated, preventing water and air pollution.
Care & Maintenance
Socks fabric is carefully processed and has gone through a special treatment to reduce the fabric absorption of soil and stains. It keeps the fabric looking clean, fresh and new.

Nonetheless, accidents can happen. If possible, brush any substantial, encrusted marks by hand using a brush or spatula, then vacuum clean. You can use a neutral universal agent (incl. possibly dry foam as well). After each cleaning we recommend, if possible, the use of spray extraction to remove any edge markings/residual cleaning agent.