About the Vigo XL Collection
With Vigo XL, we created a lounge set that reverts to our necessities. The simple but sturdy aluminium framework is available in matt charcoal or matt white. Through the stylish linework in the cushions, Vigo XL plays with the balance between classic and modern. The cushions are Sunbrella and Exteria fabric filled with Ezydry materials, so that sun nor rain will influence its comfort. Its appearance is youthful and minimalistic, but luxury and extra deep cushions provide Vigo XL with the comfort of a high-end lounge sofa.
The Vigo XL dining tables can be extended with ease to seat a whole family. A ceramic top with the gorgeous design of your choice makes the picture complete. The Vigo XL sunlounger has several reclining positions. It is made of beautifully finished aluminium with highly durable texteline seating, including built-in wheels in the rear legs. 
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