Soft sling fabric for outdoor furniture
Looks good, feels good

Strong, beautiful and comfortable

We use texteline for a variety of chairs and sun loungers in our collection.  It will convey a homey feel to any furniture design, without any sagging effect. Thanks to its excellent resistance to weather conditions and its unique dimensional stability, this mesh fabric is extremely long-lasting.

Often used in garden furniture, this mesh fabric is unmatched for its combination of strength, beauty and comfort. Durable and long-lasting, it is ideal for applications that require high tensile strength such as chairs and sun loungers.
Beja armchair
Beja armchair with texteline seating
Texteline – or Batyline®?

Similar, but different. In both cases, the right choice.

Texteline is a high strength polyester with PVC compound.  Texteline fabrics are woven from extrusion coated PVC yarns utilizing a polyester core yarn.

Jati & Kebon's garden furniture in texteline is finished either with the standard texteline material, while for some premium collections we use the renowned Serge Ferrari Batyline.

The Batyline range, produced using Smart Yarn technology, have been attracting furniture designers and manufacturers for more than thirty years. Its unrivalled resistance, easy cleaning and attractive appearance make Batyline a favourite choice for sling seat applications. It can create a natural and subtle colour effect like textile and using mixed materials gives the materials a softer touch.
Care & Maintenance
Because it is so durable and made specifically to withstand the elements, the texteline is easy to clean and doesn't require much maintenance. To prevent your chairs from needing more intense cleanings, it is good practice to hose down your furniture once every few months with cool water.

To further maintain your texteline chairs, here are some general cleaning guidelines:
  1. First, brush off excess and loose dirt, and then hose the screens down. 
  2. Prepare a cleaning mixture of water and natural, mild soap. 
  3. Use a soft bristle brush to apply the soapy mixture and allow it to soak into the fabric. 
  4. After a few minutes rinse thoroughly again with cool, clean water. 
  5. Lastly, allow the fabric to air-dry & enjoy your day.
VigoXL sunlounger