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Press Release: 3d investors invests in Jati & Kebon, an international player in outdoor furniture

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

On the image (fLTR): Yves De Backer (3d investors), Jackie Xu (Jati & Kebon), Johan Verbeke (Jati & Kebon), Peter Boschmans (Jati & Kebon) and Hans Swinnen (3d investors).
Image ©Wouter Van Vooren

Together with founder Johan Verbeke and the management team of Jati & Kebon, 3d investors will help build on the growth of Jati & Kebon in the coming years. Johan Verbeke remains active in the company he has built and is reinvesting together with the management team.

Jati & Kebon, based in Nazareth, has more than 25 years' experience in the design, production and sales of garden furniture. The origin lies in the family business Verbeke where the second generation, in 1995, started selling teak furniture. In order to meet the increasing demand and to be able to guarantee optimum quality, our own production facilities were set up in China and Indonesia. In the meantime, Jati & Kebon has grown into a global player and established name in the outdoor furniture segment. It is one of the gems of the Belgian ecosystem of outdoor furniture. Its customer base extends to more than 30 countries. The company has built up a strong position in the United States and Canada, among other places, thanks to many years of partnerships with strong online and omnichannel retailers. Jati & Kebon employs 350 people in Belgium, China and Indonesia and achieves a turnover of approximately EUR 45 million.

Johan Verbeke, founder of the company: "The entry of 3d investors into our capital is a well-considered decision, which fits with our ambition to let Jati & Kebon grow further internationally. With 3d investors we are bringing on board complementary "business builders" who will help to develop the strong growth potential of the company from the existing corporate culture. I am pleased that together with the management team and 3d investors I can build on our beautiful company in the coming years."

Yves De Backer, associate partner 3d investors: "We are strongly impressed how Jati & Kebon has grown into an international player in garden furniture by focusing on quality, flexibility and customer focus. The entrepreneurship of Johan Verbeke and his management team play a key role herein and fits perfectly with the family and entrepreneurial values of 3d investors. This partnership fits seamlessly into our passion to help strong companies grow to the "next level".